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5 Mar, 2014 22:41:28
AdreosBy Adreos

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TBA Studios Is Live

The Minecraft Server is not operational just yet, but its getting there.

There will be NO further TBA updates on this website.

This is Adreos, signing out for the last time on SG. See you on TBA!

25 Feb, 2014 12:19:11
MalkierianBy Malkierian

Well, guys, it's coming right down to it now. The Sublimity Gaming domain is up for renewal, will expire towards the end of April, and I'm not planning to renew it. I'm certain Blue will have the TBA website up and running smoothly before then, so you won't miss anything, I just wanted to let you guys know. It was a lot of fun running this server for you guys, perhaps I'll see you around.

7 Dec, 2013 21:03:56
AdreosBy Adreos

Appreciate what you have, cause you never know how long it will be until you don't have it anymore.

Sublimity Gaming

Well, its been a week since this server went down. And the support you guys have shown has brought a tear to this minecrafter's eye. But now is the time to accept what has happened. Sublimity Gaming has run its course, as we all knew it must someday.

And from me and the staff to all the players who have been on the server over the years, especially those who have been around through thick and thin, thank you. We wouldn't have made it this far without you.

As a final gift I have gone through my Minecraft Screenshots, and pulled out all of those related to sublimity. Its mostly my stuff I'll admit, but its what happens when my screenshots are used.

That said though... you don't think we'd abandon you so easily, did you? We still care for you, and as such two independent projects have started for new servers.

Project One: Triax Minecraft
Run By: DanSyron - SG's architect, designer of spawn, designer of RoD, AoC, and AH.
Triax is an adventure mode server based around the raid system that sublimity had, but ramped up. Just be aware, as an adventure mode server, there is no building.
More Information: Click Here

Project Two: TBA Minecraft
Run By: Adreos - Me, and I don't think I need any introduction to any of you.
TBA Minecraft is a successor of Sublimity. There was a lot on SG I liked, and there was stuff that could be improved. Greatly improved. As such TBA carries on SG's spirit and way of play.
More Information: Click Here

Dan has told me he'll post updates to Triax in the shoutbox here.

For updates on TBA you can follow me on my Twitter account. Or you can add me on skype (Adreos0), or both.

There is currently no estimated date with either project, and I expect both to take time. Triax is made by Dan and is being run his way. TBA is made by me and being made my way. So time will tell how both pan out. Remember, unlike any update SG got, these are new server projects in their entirety, and thus have nothing of the past to rely on.

In the end its about you, the players. The SG community, the people in it, is what has kept me around for years. Its why I never thought to leave. And its why I find it hard to say goodbye to sublimity. All of you. It is why I don't accept this as the end. And its why I am moving forward with TBA Minecraft. So thank you for everything.

Until we met again, keep crafting.